do you need a whole-house dehumidifier?do you need a whole-house dehumidifier?

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do you need a whole-house dehumidifier?

Do you have an excessive amount of moisture in your home? Have you had the foundation checked for issues just to find that the moisture is coming from the air and not the structure? If your home is filled with moisture, it is time for you to look into having a whole-house dehumidifier installed. This system pulls the air from the duct work and filters the moisture out of it. It then pushes the dry air into your home and prevents more moisture from becoming an issue. This blog will explain the whole-house dehumidifier system to help you decide if it will do well in your home.

3 Sounds You Don't Want To Hear From Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioning unit is loaded with a number of different moving parts. While your unit is expected to make some noise, it shouldn't be to the point where it is distracting and drawing attention to it. You need to know what noises are normal and what ones mean something is seriously wrong and needs to be fixed. Check out some of the different sounds below that you don't want to hear coming from your air conditioning unit.

Rattling Coming from Inside the Components Outside

The fan on the inside part of the compressor shouldn't rattle when in operation. Rattling often means that your motor is going out or something inside of the unit is loose and needs to be tightened. If the rattle is extremely loud, that often means the issue is quite serious. A screaming rattle means your compressor could be on the way out. Humming often means your capacitor or motor is on the fritz. If you hear a low rattle or a loud screech, you need to get someone out there to inspect the unit for you.


Remember when you were a kid and you put a card in the spokes of your bike to make that cool sound? Well, if you hear a noise like that coming from your air conditioner, it often means the internal parts are probably wearing out and need replacement or repair. Thankfully, this tends to be one of the least critical sounds your unit can make. It is often a simple fix, but still needs to be investigated just in case it is something serious.

Excessive Banging or Clanking

Rattling often means that something needs to be tightened to prevent additional damage from occurring to your system. Loud banging could mean something ended up getting broken or needs to be reconnected. If you hear something like this, you need to shut your unit down and let a professional come out and take a look at it for you.

Your air conditioner should never be rattling, clanging, clanking, banging or making any other weird noise. If it is, you need to get a pro out there who can take a look and see what the issue is and get it fixed right away for you. Loose or damaged components could end up causing extensive damage to the rest of the unit, so you are better off getting it fixed quickly and preventing additional costs out of your pocket.

For more information, speak to a local contractor or read more.